Community Life Garden

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Welcome to the Community Life Garden Website!

We continue to forward with creating a community garden centrally located within five miles from Reedley, Orange Cove and Dinuba. We continue to get great volunteers to assist us with our garden building efforts and awesome support from our local businesses. 

We have another workshop planned for this year on September 9, 2017 and several more volunteer opportunities in September and October. Please visit our Workshops and Events page. Our student volunteers from our local schools have been awesome! They continue to be the strength that helps expand our community garden for the benefit of our community gardeners.

As we move forward, we will continue to use our webpage to promote the benefits of community gardening and Community Life Garden (CLG) membership, news for our members, garden plot adoption opportunities, volunteer garden projects, planned events and various community projects.

Knowledge is key to successful gardening. As such, we encourage that you visit our workshops page or sign up to receive our Monthly Email Updates.  We continue to invite professional gardeners, local school educators, medical professionals, church leaders and other nonprofits to assist in creating enlightening gardening and wellness workshops.

Again, welcome to our website. We hope you will join us in this exciting project!


Karey Olson, Chairperson,

David Gonzalez, Executive Director,

Bernadette Sánchez, Treasurer,

Christina Kurowski, Secretary,

Patricia Pierce, Director,